Rules for children who are close contacts could be changing

Self-isolating rules for children who are close contacts of Covid-19 cases could be changing.

Currently, students must stay at home for at least 10 days if they’ve been in contact with a confirmed case in school.

However, The Irish Times reports health officials are considering allowing them to avoid self-isolating if they don’t have symptoms, due to increased pressure on testing.

So far, up to 14,000 children have been deemed close contacts since schools reopened.

Professor Jack Lambert from the UCD School of Medicine says schools need a living with Covid strategy.

“The issue is, do we let them spread it because they;e taking it home and it’s having consequences for the whole family, including people who are at risk in the home?

“I think we need to have a living with covid strategy for schools which doesn’t keep kids out of school, but makes it safe for everybody both in the school and in the household.”


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