Rural Communities Have Emerged As The Big Loser In Newly Announced Government Climate Action Plan

That’s according to the Irish Farmers Association who say the 125-billion-euro-plan to cut emissions to net-zero by 2050 will have a profound impact on every rural community.
The IFA say the 200-page climate action plan disproportionately targets all rural residents by increasing their living costs and removing ways to earn a income.
The plan has set a target of between a 22 and 30% reduction in total emissions for the agriculture sector which some argue will lead to the eradication of some farms and signficantly damage the rural economy.
Speaking to RedFM News Cork dairy farmer and Munster Chair of the IFA Harold Kingston says the Climate action plan lacks detail and farmers are worried about it’s impact:
“The demonstration in Dublin on the 21st of November is actually probably more needed than ever because we have no plan for to actually deal with this. There’s talk about diversity in terms of organics, but there’s nothing about how to actually market that organics is purely about reducing production. There’s talks about by methane and renewable energy, but we don’t know what the funding is for any of this yet. So there’s a long way to go on this yet.”


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