Russian military exercises were moved further away from the Irish coast to ensure no one felt uncomfortable

That’s according to the Russian Ambassador to Ireland.

The drills were moved outside Ireland’s Exclusive Economic Zone, after requests from the Department of Foreign Affairs and fishermen in the South west who vowed to continue to fish in the waters where the activities were planned 240km of the coast of Cork

Fishermen from the Irish South and West Fish producers organisation met with the Russian ambassador last week to raise their concerns and over the weekend Russia announced their plans to relocate their military drills so they take place outside Ireland’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

Ambassador Yury Filatov says they were prepared to act on the fishermen’s concerns:

“For us, I’m in the Ministry of Defense, they made the decision on the basis of these requests from the fisheries, which, as we understand, well in a sort of a difficult period, nowadays and if we have a chance to help all these people, so why not do that?”


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