Ryanair Cancelling Another 220 Flights On Bank Holiday Monday

Ryanair is cancelling another 220 flights tomorrow bank holiday Monday.

The airline says 40,000 passengers will be affected due to further action by French Air Traffic Controllers.

Speaking from Ryanair’s Operations Centre, CEO Michael O’Leary says it’s unacceptable that local French flights are protected – while ‘overflights’ from other countries are left to bear the burden of 51 days of strike action.

He’s calling on customers to sign a petition on the Ryanair Website, urging the European Commission President to intervene:

“France is using local Minimum Service Legislation to protect its local French flights. But all of the cancellations are then being disproportionately passed on to English flights, Irish flights, Italian flights, Spanish flights, German flights. This is unfair. We’re calling on Ursula von der Leyen in the European Commission to take action to protect overflights – to protect Europe’s single market for flying”.

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