Ryanair to consider reopening of Cork Airport base

Ryanair is considering reopening its base at Cork Airport.

The base was closed due to the pandemic, however Ryanair later said it may not reopen it until at least winter due to the temporary closure of the airport.

Cork Airport say the decision to close the airport for ten weeks was taken to allow the main runway to be reconstructed, with management saying the full closure will allow them to get the project completed quicker and cheaper than a nigh time only closure.

Around 80 pilots and cabin crew employed at the base were temporarily laid off following the closure of the base.

Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson says negotiations are ongoing.

“We’re in discussions with Cork Airport at the moment, and if we can get a long term deal there I would be reasonable confident we could restore our base of activity there.

“It’s about whether the incentive programme that is there, which only lasts until the middle of next summer, if that could be extended throughout the season I think we would be in reasonably good shape to make a decision.”


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