SEAI issues advice as fuel costs rise

As the summer holidays begin, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland have issued advice to motorists to help them drive more efficiently.

As energy costs rise, the organisation have said they want to show people how to lower their emissions, use less fuel, save money and stay safe.

Fuel consumption tends to be affected most by your driving style, excessive rapid acceleration, unnecessary short trips, a cold engine, poor car maintenance and incorrect tyre pressure.

The SEAI firstly encouraged drivers to ensure that their cars are properly maintained, to allow for good engine lubrication, wheel alignment and well-adjusted brakes. All of these will reduce fuel use and mean your car will be safer and more reliable.

They also reminded drivers to check tyre condition and pressure regularly, saying that tyres that are 10% below the recommended pressure increase fuel consumption by approximately 2%.

In addition, the SEAI also encouraged road users to reduce unnecessary drag, and to avoid short journeys if possible.

Tom Halpin, Head of Communications at SEAI says:

“With just a bit of careful consideration, we can all reduce our car use, and reduce our fuel use when we do drive. A less aggressive, energy conscious driving style could save as much as 10% on your fuel costs. If you think that doesn’t sound like much, then just ask yourself if you could buy a litre of petrol for €1.89 rather than paying €2.10 would you, do it? As fuel costs rise, lowering speed and acceleration can make that difference. Try driving between 65-80 km/hr where safe and practicable – or at 100 km/hr on a motorway. Plus, you will have a less stressful journey.”


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