Second Annual Douglass Week Running Across City Until Next Tuesday, 15th February

The second annual Douglass Week is running across the city until next Tuesday, the 15th February.

The festival celebrates the US anti-slavery campaigner Frederick Douglass.

Born into slavery, Douglass became an influential leader in the anti-slavery movement in the United States in the 19th century.

He visited Ireland in 1845 to build support for the abolitionist cause.

He spent a month in Cork; with his famously powerful speeches attracting crowds in the thousands.

On Saturday, Dr. Laurence Fenton will host a walking tour called the ‘Cork Abolitionists Trail’ which takes in 12 locations tracing Douglass’ footsteps across the city.

Speaking to RedFM News, Douglass Week Co-organiser, Dr. Caroline Dunham-Schroeter said that people from over 90 counteries will be attending the festival:

“People are so inspired, so interested, so energised – and we love it. Views of our events and hits on our website and our social media and our Youtube have really gone up about 20%, I’d say. And we have people from over 90 countries joining us this week.”


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