Second round of Leaving Cert exams will take place ‘almost immediately’ after first exams for those who have to miss their tests

Minister for Education, Norma Foley, has today confirmed it will be available in ‘limited circumstances’.

There has been concern about the decision to return to written exams, with Covid case numbers still high, and questions surrounding the reporting of clusters in schools across the country.

Speaking to Beat News in Waterford earlier, Minister Foley says all students will be catered for:

“There will be second running of the Leaving Cert almost immediately after the completion of the first running. It is a contingency insofar as it is available in limited circumstance. If for example in the unfortunate occasion that students would have a bereavement they would be eligible for a second sitting, if there is a medical need as defined by medical practitioner and equally so if there was an instance of Covid, that would happen.”


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