Senator Jerry Buttimer says the city centre is becoming a “no-go area”

A Cork Senator says the city is becoming a “no-go” area due to anti-social behaviour which is being fuelled by parents who have effectively “franchised out” the rearing of their children to the streets 

Senator Jerry Buttimer says people feel threatened and worried walking the streets of the city due to the presence of gangs of youths 

He has expressed his concern that the city could find itself at the centre or a summer of discontent if urgent action is not taken now 

His comments follow last week’s revelation by Chief Superintendent Barry McPolin who branded parents who drop their children into the city to go drinking as “irresponsible” 

Speaking to RedFM News Senator Buttimer says there is a strong city centre policing strategy but he says there is a collective responsibility to ensure that the city centre is safe to recreate, live and work in.

“There’s an element of parents who’ve franchised out the rearing of their kids into the public space that is Cork city, and that’s unacceptable.

“Our city and our communities are there for all of us., we all have a responsibility and parents have a responsibility regarding their young sons or daughters.

“I don’t believe in having a police state, but what we need to have is responsibility.

“We want to attract people to Cork city, and we can’t do that if you have elements across the city where you have anti social behaviour, and where you have a compendium of activities that are unacceptable.”


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