Severe Weather Events Continue To Ravage North America

Rain and milder temperatures have created a brief break for firefighters battling Canada’s wildfires.

Flames are being held at bay about 9 miles from Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories.

But officials are warning the danger hasn’t passed.

The Premier of British Columbia, David Eby, says tourists should stay away from the affected areas:

“The current situation is grim. We have about 30,000 people who are on advisory that, within a matter of hours, could receive notice that they are on an evacuation order as well”.

Meanwhile, one person’s died in north western America, as wildfires destroy parts of Washington.

Flames that grew to nearly 15 square miles have burned homes and outbuildings near the city of Spokane and evacuations were ordered.

On the west coast, authorities in the US have downgraded the severity of a hurricane headed for southern California.

Storm Hilary’s now category one but is still expected to bring catastrophic flooding and strong winds.

It’ll be the first tropical storm to hit the state in 84 years.

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