Sexual Violence Centre Cork Director: Killing Of Ashling Murphy Must Serve As Serious Wake Up Call For Entire Country

The Director of the Sexual Violence Centre Cork says the killing of Ashling Murphy must serve as a serious wake up call for the entire country.

The centre are unable to hold a gathering due to Covid regulations but will light candles on the steps in front of their building this evening from 4pm in remembrance of the life of the 23 year old teacher who lost her life in an attack in Tullamore on Wednesday afternoon.

A number of vigils of remembrance will also take place in the city over the weekend including a walk at the Atlantic Pond tomorrow morning and a standout on Patrick Street in the afternoon.

Speaking to RedFM News, Mary Crilly says things have to change for the better:

The majority of men don’t have a clue that women go around with keys, don’t have a clue that women don’t wear earphones because they need to hear everything, don’t have a clue that when they go out they plan their route – whether it’s out for a run or a jog. I think the majority of men don’t have a clue that’s that’s how women have to be, and how they think, and how they teach their daughters. But in that way we are teaching our daughters to be afraid. No woman is doing that deliberately to her daughter but that’s what we’re doing. I mean, we need to start teaching our boys to really be more aware, when they’re around, what’s going on in their surroundings. And if somebody besides them or in front of them is acting as if they’re a bit scared, well then, they need to see how they can change that, how they can make a difference.”

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