Sexual Violence Centre Cork “How to avoid a sexual assault. A quick and easy guide..for perpetrators” goes viral

The guide, has been shared internationally and translated into a number of languages

It includes tips such as when you see a woman walking by herself, leave her alone and don’t put drugs in people’s drinks

Mary Crilly of Sexual Violence Centre Cork says the aim of the post was to raise awareness about the prevalence and extent of sexual assault and who has responsibility

Speaking to RedFM News Mary Crilly says the post tackles victim blaming head-on:

“Well, I think it was different. I mean, our intention was to not just get a reaction but to raise awareness about who was responsible for sexual violence. I mean the post really turned things on it’s head, you know, instead of how to avoid sexual violence- which is nearly impossible. You know where women and young man he used to kind of seeing; watch where you walk, don’t wear earphones, do this, do that. All this kind of stuff to the victim, who has no responsibility or no way sometimes of stopping a violence assault”


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