Shoppers urged to make purchases within the EU

The European Consumer Centre is advising online shoppers to only purchase Christmas goods from within the EU.

It says since the UK left the European Union, it is now classed as a third country.

This means that EU citizens do not have the same legal rights when seeking redress for faulty or wrong items bought on the internet.

Cyril Sullivan from the ECC says shoppers should buy from within the EU to avoid disappointment.

“If possibly buy within the EU, or buy it in Ireland.

“If they’re buying from a third country, they don’t have any legal recourse, or they’ll find it very difficult to have a legal recourse.

“If they’re buying to use a payment platform that is able to provide redress, such as PayPal or your credit card,  where you can raise a dispute where an item hasn’t arrived, or an item has arrived and isn’t as required.”


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