Simon Coveney addresses UN Security Council

Proposals to house Ukrainian refugees in temporary accommodation will be discussed at Cabinet today.

Just under 25,000 have now arrived in Ireland – 85% of whom are women and children.

According to the Irish Times space is now running out in hotels to house them and around 300 of those fleeing the war will be placed in emergency mass accommodation in the Green Glens Arena from this week.

Senior Ministers will also be given an update on the current situation in Ukraine, where a fresh Russian offensive’s underway in the east.

Last night, the Foreign Affairs Minister addressed the UN Security Council and called on Moscow to agree to an immediate ceasefire.

Simon Coveney also told member nations in New York, what he saw on visit to Bucha was “profoundly shocking”.

“While I was there, there had been I think 503 bodies taken out of mass graves.

“There were only 4 soldiers – the rest were men, women and children who were not combatants,  but many of whom were brutalised and tortured, some raped, and killed.

“I think those images speak for themselves.”


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