Simon Harris says he wants to move away from obsession with Leaving Cert points

The Higher Education Minister has said he wants to move away from the obsession with points scored during the Leaving Cert.

Simon Harris was speaking as he announced approval to move to develop a new campus at the Cavan Institute.

Minister Harris says he wants to see students take up other routes to where they want to go:

“Yeah, I think we have to move beyond this obsession with the points race that we have in this country. It puts huge pressure on young people from a well being. But it also causes very significant skill shortages in Ireland. We need more people working in the trades. We need more people working in the green economy. We need people building our houses retrofitting our homes. And to do that we really need to be talking to the next generation, about how there are many different ways to get to where you want to get to in life.”


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