Simply banning cars from city centre won’t result in people using public transport says UCC School of Engineering

Tackling traffic congestion and air pollution by simply banning cars from the city centre will not result in people getting on board with the idea of using public transport.

That’s according to Dr Elena Tsalaporta from the School of Engineering at UCC who says people will use cars less if they are given more than just one option.

Earlier this week, Bus Éireann said some of their City Centre services are being delayed by up to half an hour due to extreme traffic congestion.

The government has committed millions to improving public transport in Cork with upgrades to buses and plans for a light rail system.

Speaking to RedFM News, Dr Elena Tsalaporta says the city needs a more holistic approach.

“I live in Dublin for quite a while, and there was far more options than just the bus – there was the Dart, there was the Luas.

“Unfortunately here in Cork we can only rely on busses right now.

“What else can we do? How can we improve? If we have more busses than the traffic, the bus lanes are going to be slower, so that might not be a good option.”

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