Sinn Fein TD Thomas Gould criticises government for failing to establish Munster Regional Homeless Executive

A Sinn Féin TD has slammed the Government for failing to establish a Munster Regional Homeless Executive.

It comes in response to a report that was released on premature deaths of homeless people in 2019.

Thomas Gould says the homeless crisis in Cork has gotten worse over the last 4 years and we may not see HRB data for 2020 to 2023 for years because there isn’t someone recording it just for Munster.

Deputy Gould has written to the Government to appoint a person to record the numbers of homeless people on the streets of Cork just like it is done in Dublin.

Speaking to RedFM News, TD Thomas Gould says knowing figures 4 years later doesn’t help.

“We know people are dying on the streets of Cork, and waiting 3 or 4 or 5 years to get information, this is stuff we need to know now.

“If we have problems, if we need supports, if we know there are areas where tragedies are likely to happen or could be prevented, that’s why we need this executive to put supports in place and to try and help the groups that work with the homeless to do their best to help them.”


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