SIPTU Members Have ‘No Confidence’ In DAA’s Management And Begin Preparations To Ballot On Strike Action

SIPTU says members have declared ‘no confidence’ in the DAA’s management – and have begun preparations to ballot on strike action.

The union says the DAA, which is also responsible for Cork Airport, has repeatedly failed to pay staff on time – and that there have been inaccurate payments for months.

In a statement, the DAA told RedFM News their employees’ wages were transferred a “little later” than normal on Wednesday – the scheduled ‘pay day’.

They say that, as soon as they were aware of an issue with the bank transfer, they immediately informed all of their, over 3,000, employees and their trade union representatives.

Staff at Cork Airport were among those affected.

The Authority says they worked with their bank to ensure the payments were still made on the same day; that everyone was kept informed; and that they personally spoke to any colleagues who wouldn’t receive their payment until the next day because they use a non-Irish financial institution.

Management at the DAA, which is responsible for Dublin and Cork Airports, say they have already apologised to their staff for any “unnecessary stress or inconvenience” that the “temporary delay may have caused”.

They told RedFM News, that Wednesday’s delayed payment was not related to a cyber-attack last December.

That hacking left the DAA’s Time-and-Attendance-System unavailable for 14 weeks, resulting in payment delays because wages had to be processed manually.

The DAA is calling on SIPTU to withdraw, what it calls, “the unnecessary threat of industrial action”, and to continue to engage in “agreed dispute resolution procedures”.

The Authority says the matter is a top priority and that they fully committed to resolving any outstanding issues.

At this time, SIPTU has not yet responded to RedFM News’s request for a statement.


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