SIPTU says issues of staffing in CAMHS needs to be addressed

SIPTU is seeking an urgent meeting with the Minister of State for Mental Health and the HSE on safe staffing levels in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

The union says the Interim Report on the Independent Review of the Provision of CAMHS indicates that there are issues regarding safe staffing within the service that need to be addressed.

The report also revealed that 713 young people were waiting for treatment in the Cork/Kerry Region in December, with six children in Cork on the waiting list for two years for treatment.

SIPTU says the report also noted that low staff morale and burnout are issues and that some staff are working above their contracted hours, for no additional compensation, in order to provide therapeutic interventions.”

The union has requested an urgent meeting with the Minister and the HSE to discuss what must be done to address the issues raised in the report.


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