SIPTU says members at Dublin Airport won’t have to work alongside Defence Forces

SIPTU says its members won’t have to work alongside the Defence Forces or train them if they’re called on at Dublin Airport.

The DAA’s assured it the contingency plan will only be triggered if there’s a spike in Covid infections or absenteeism in airport security above 20 per cent.

The army will be on standby and will only be drafted in if the contingency plan kicks in from this Wednesday the 6th of July until the 15th of August.

SIPTU Aviation Sector Organiser, Niall Phillips says workers have been working in very challenging conditions due to flight cancellations.

“It’s very difficult, because you have the wave of passengers coming at them from landside, and when you have cancelled flights you have passengers coming back from airside trying to gain access back to landside.

“You have passengers coming from both sides for all workers in the airport, so it is a difficulty place in which to be working at the moment.”

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