Slovakia vs Ireland to be played behind closed doors

Ireland Euro 2020 play off away to Slovakia will be played behind closed doors.

The game will take place in Bratislava on March 26th without spectators, due to concerns over the coronavirus.

A statement on the Slovak Football Association website (translated by Google Translate) reads:

BRATISLAVA (SFZ) – At a meeting of the SFZ Executive Committee held today (Tuesday, March 10) at the SFZ headquarters in Bratislava, it was decided about the fate of the relegation match for the European Championship – Ireland. On the basis of measures taken by the state authorities in connection with the spread of coronavirus, but also communication with the European Football Union UEFA and the Irish side, VV approved the play-off of Slovakia-Ireland (26.4. At NFS on March 26) without spectators. SFZ President Ján Kováčik announced this decision at the briefing and at the same time assured the fans that SFZ guarantees the return of all funds spent on the purchase of tickets. SFZ will inform about the way of refunding via its website, but also through its official social networks in the coming days.


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