Smoky coal set for nationwide ban

A national smoky coal ban will effectively come into force next year.

Strict new standards on all domestic solid fuels will be introduced, in an effort to curb air pollution beyond our towns and cities.

From 2022, suppliers will no longer be permitted to sell coal, coal-based products, any manufactured solid fuel or peat briquettes that have a smoke emission rate of more than 10 grams per hour.

Environmental journalist, John Gibbons, believes nobody should be against this, as it could save 1,300 lives every year.

“This has become a political football in certain parts, and used in some parts to stoke up an urban/rural divide, and ‘you’re telling us how to live our lives’ etc.

“The reality is, and I think this is a question that the rural politicians in particular who push this are asked ‘are you really happy with being directly responsible for people in your parish and in your constituency dying prematurely.”


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