Social Democrats: HSE’s Updated Maternity Guidelines Establishing A Two-Tier System

The Social Democrats say the HSE’s updated maternity guidelines are establishing a two-tier system.

The guidelines published yesterday, state women in multi-bed wards will be limited to 2-hour daily visits, while NO visiting restrictions will apply to women in a private room.

The HSE says this aims to minimise the risk of exposure of other women and infants to Covid-19.

Social Democrats TD Jennifer Whitmore, says the government needs to do more to support women during pregnancy:

“I really think they go far enough, and in actual fact, I think the current guidelines are really establishing a two-tier system, when it comes to maternity care. So if you’re in a single room, you can have your partner with you but if you’re in a multi-room you won’t be able to have them for the same extent and women are entitled to have their partners and their support people with them, while they’re in hospital on the maternity journey and it’s unfortunate that these guidelines still don’t reflect that need.”


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