Some children struggled with socialising when returning to school says Motus Learning

Some children had difficulty socialising with others when they returned back to school, according to a mental health group.

Motus Learning provide mental health programs in primary and secondary schools across the country and say some children’s mental health became strained by a lack of routine and in some cases, isolation, during the pandemic.

The group use a mix of cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness to teach children how to better manage their mental health and say they are getting more enquiries from schools about running workshops.

Speaking to RedFM News, Christy Shum from Motus Learning outlines what they are hearing from some schools.

“After speaking to various teachers, the biggest impact that they’ve told us is that it’s not particularly the academic side but it’s the social side.

“They’ve seen situations where they’d go out at lunch and there would be children not talking to other children.

“That had nothing to do with getting back to school, it was just that they were alone for so long they didn’t feel the need to talk to others.”

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