Some children who were able to walk are now fully wheelchair dependent as they await orthopaedic surgery

A consultant at Temple Street has told an Oireachtas Committee that access to paediatric orthopaedics in Ireland is inadequate.Almost 44 thousand children are on outpatient waiting lists, while over 5 and a half thousand are on inpatient or day case waiting lists.Children’s Health Ireland has cited Covid-19 and the HSE cyber attack when explaining the long wait lists, but Dr Conor Green says to say so is dishonest:

“The unacceptably high wait times were there before either of these events and they have made it worse, but they were there beforehand and nothing was in control before the pandemic nothing was in control before the cyber attack. I have said to the people have issued letters to my my waiting list that I do not want that put on the letters because it is dishonest.”


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