“Some motorists are more concerned about their own journey, than a deceased’s final journey” – thoughts of Cork funeral director

The words of Cork funeral director Finbarr O’Connor of O’Connor Brothers Funeral Home at North Gate Bridge, who has taken the unusual step to appeal to drivers to allow a hearse and family cars to pass through a junction.

He says he was prompted to speak out as in recent times he has found that when approaching junctions with funerals that on a number of occasions motorists disregard the funeral and do not give way.

He outlined how on one occasion a taxi driver, rather than wait for a moment, pulled in between a hearse and family members’ cars only to turn off down a lane a short distance away.

On another occasion a motorist cut into the line of mourners’ cars, two behind the hearse, and began honking his horn repeatedly urging them to drive faster.

Speaking to RedFM News Finbarr O’Connor has asked motorists and people to consider pausing for a moment when they see a hearse and funeral cortege:

“I suppose it was those three incidents that prompted me to post on our company page on Facebook. Just about people showing respect at the roadside. Whether they are driving or if there’s a hearse and family passing, just to stop, bow your head. And once the funeral has passed, continue on your way.”

He told RedFM News that all he is asking for people just to just to take a moment just to pause:

“We’ve been through two years of a very, very tough time. People have lost loved ones in that two years. Okay, life is getting back to normal but do we want this to be the normal.”


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