Staff at former Before5 family centre in Churchfield told they must re-apply for their jobs

Staff at the former Before5 family centre in Churchfield say they’ve been told they must re-apply for their jobs.

It was revealed yesterday that a contract has been secured with a new provider that will see the Before five facility reopen in a number of weeks but without afterschool, play therapy and adult classes.

Staff who worked at the childcare provider have been told that while they are free to apply for their old posts, there is no guarantee that they will be successful.

Over 100 people protested outside the centre for the second time yesterday.

Speaking to RedFM News former Before5 staff member Christine Mullins says they need peoples support now more than ever:

“We need the support of the people now, yes, we’re delighted where we can celebrate a little for the children, that the place is going to be back up and again in the centre will be there and to be full again soon, what will we be there. So will they come up and support us now, the staff? and help us to get back in and do what we love doing and being back with the children again? We need that piece of support now more than ever.”


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