Students could save €7000 a year by living at home

Students could save around €7,000 a year by staying at home instead of moving out while attending college.

According to the TU Dublin Student Cost of Living Guide, students who move to Dublin need a budget of €13,000.

Shopping around for utilities, making lists for groceries and moving in with a family are all suggested in the guide to save money.

Student Engagement and Experience Officer for TU Dublin, Rachel O’Connor, says digs can provide a homely start to college for those who might struggle living alone:

“Students don’t often see it as their first option but actually when they go into digs accommodation, they realize how good it is and how satisfied they are with it. A student accommodation provider in the student hubs as we call them, so purpose built student accommodation you’re probably looking at the €250 a week mark, but if you go with digs accommodation, you’re looking at €165 and often that’s over five days and they’ll include meals and utilities.”


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