Suicide rate among Travellers 6 times higher than the national average

The suicide rate among members of the travelling community is six times higher than the national average.

That statistic was released to coincide with an upcoming event aimed at supporting and informing Traveller families’ mental health by promoting intervention at earlier stages. The event aims to help facilitate recovery and help break the cycle of poor mental health among Traveller families.

Research shows that Travellers experience poorer mental health and higher suicide rates and as the Traveller community is also very young there is a need to intervene at earlier stages to promote recovery and break the cycle of poor mental health.

The event on the 21st of June will also feature two animations developed by the Cork/Kerry Traveller Youth Mental Health working group which exhibit experiences of Travellers.

Speaking to RedFM News Breda O’Donoghue of the Cork Traveller Visibility group says Travellers need targeted supports around mental health:

“The stats tell us that our suicide rate is seven times higher, we as traveller organizations and the travelling community believe it’s much higher. If you look at the grassroots, travellers were a nomadic community, and that has been taken away. Travellers don’t have access to live within the extended family, which was a big part of our culture and travellers are not accessing mainstream services because they’re not set up to meet or suit the needs of the traveller community.”


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