Tabor Group receives 1,000 calls in 2021

1,000 calls were received last year by the Cork based Tabor Group addiction treatment centre seeking support from people and loved ones living with addiction.

Tabor Group’s treatment services supported over 330 people in 2021 with 64% of Tabor Lodge’s clients citing alcohol as their main addiction, up 2% from 2020 numbers.

A further 20% of clients cited both alcohol and drugs as their main reasons for seeking help.

Two years ago the Tabor Group introduced and completed their first full year of the new 12 week Integrated Recovery Programme whichis open to both men and women with complex needs including poly/cross-addiction, or a history of previous treatment and relapse, as well as challenges with coping and living skills.

Speaking to RedFM News, Tabor Group Clinical Director Mick Devine says they are seeing increased demand for help and the expansion of their services is allowing them to provide a tailored approach to individual needs.

“We’ve been able to develop a much longer treatment programme, where the standard length of stay is 12 weeks, with an option of a further 12 weeks in step-down supported living accommodation.

“We’re able to offer more intensive treatment,w ere able to offer a safe environment for people to stabiles and to begin their rehabilitation process, and we’re working with a younger clientele who have more complex needs.”


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