Tánaiste worried people will refuse vaccine

The Tánaiste says he’s slightly worried some people will refuse to take a Covid 19 vaccine.

It comes as health officials are expected to decide in the next few days if the Johnson and Johnson injection can be used here, following concerns about rare blood clots.

Over 1.2 million doses of vaccines have been administered in Ireland to date.

Leo Varadkar says he hopes people take a vaccine when offered. 

“One thing I’m a little bit more worried about than hesitancy is vaccine apathy.

“They’ve found in some countries, Israel is one, where there a lot of people who aren’t afraid of getting the vaccine, but don’t really really get around to it.

“When numbers get down low, and people start going back to their normal lives, and there aren’t many deaths, it kind of falls down the priority list.

“People say ‘oh, I’ll get a vaccine, but I’ll get it later'”.

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