Taoiseach And Justice Minister Urged To Meet Families Of Victims Of Omagh Bombing As Soon As Possible

A High Court in the North yesterday called for new investigations to be launched by the British and Irish governments.

Justice Mark Horner said the attack could have been prevented by security services – saving the lives of 29 people.

SDLP MLA in Omagh, Daniel McCrossan, wrote to both governments yesterday – he says they need to act:

“It is absolutely vital that the Taoiseach, the Irish government, the British government and the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, take immediate action to ensure that a full inquiry is held into what happened in Omagh on that day. That is the judgement that was given. That is the view of the judge that has looked over for the last two years, the details of this case. And can I say, even though it’s over 20 years, this still feels like yesterday for the people of Omagh. It still feels like yesterday for the families.”


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