Taoiseach Denies Government Has Promised Too Much To People When It Comes To Pandemic Bonus

The Taoiseach has denied the Government has promised too much to people when it comes to the pandemic bonus.

Micheál Martin says the Government plans to enter talks with ICTU and IBEC to come to an arrangement.

Healthcare workers, teachers, Gardaí and public transport staff are among those seeking recognition for their work during the pandemic.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin has denied too much has been promised to too many groups:

“No one has promised anything to too many, but I think there was a consistent theme in the public discourse, in the general debate there has been a view that particularly frontline health care workers did an extraordinary amount of work in the teeth of the pandemic, particularly in the acute hospital setting. And then more generally, I think people contributed significantly in different areas. Again we’re going to examine that. It is a challenging area to examine.”


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