Taoiseach Rules Out Alcohol Excise Duty Cut

The Taoiseach has ruled out cutting excise duty on alcohol.

It comes as Heineken has announced an increase in its keg price which publicans say will be passed on in the cost of a pint.

Some pub owners say it will increase the cost of a drink by between 25 and 35 cent.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin says they Government won’t be changing the excise on alcohol to cushion the impact:

“Heineken’s decision – that’s a matter for Heineken, at one level, and they have to be acutely aware of the consumer’s capacity to absorb such price increases, I would have thought. And so do the publicans have to be very mindful of what the consumer can can absorb, but the government doesn’t have any plans at this stage to change excise duties”.


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