Taoiseach Says Government Concerned For Employees Of Twitter

The Taoiseach says the Government’s concerned for the employees of Twitter.

Micheál Martin says they deserve to be treated with respect.

The social media giant’s axed a number of staff at Twitter’s European HQ in Dublin, under a global plan.

Elon Musk says a ‘massive drop’ in revenue is behind the job cuts after his takeover.

Technology Editor with the Irish Independent Adrian Weckler says the new Twitter owner has been trying to radically change how the company operates:

“He feels he can’t afford Twitter’s 7,000 staff or its operating expenses, because he overpaid so much for the company. Don’t forget, the company’s worth about €20-something billion dollars, maybe a little bit more. He paid $44 billion because he agreed to buy it at the top of the market, before the current tech slump”.

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