Taoiseach says Government’s examining ‘sustainable’ ways to bring costs down as part of Budget 2023

The Taoiseach says government’s examining ‘sustainable’ ways to bring costs down as part of Budget 2023.

Speaking at the National Economic Dialogue earlier, Micheál Martin, said he doesn’t want to see a repeat of mistakes in the 1970s when government ‘chased’ inflation rates.

Meanwhile, the Public Expenditure Minister Michael McGrath says workers can’t expect pay alone to off-set the impact of inflation.

Last week, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions walked away from public sector pay deal talks, after refusing to agree to 5 percent pay increase.

ISME’s Chief Executive Neil McDonnell is hoping Budget 2023 will benefit all sectors:

“What we’re looking for is that the Government governs on behalf of the whole of society, not just interest groups and not just the public sector unions. There are a lot of difficulties at the moment. Besides the immediate inflation we cycle around commodities and fuel. And we need government to take a whole of society view of this.”


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