Taoiseach to address COP27 Summit

The Taoiseach is expected to highlight climate injustice when he addresses the COP27 summit in Egypt later.

Micheál Martin will address more than 120 world leaders to lay out Ireland’s climate ambition.

A Loss and Damage fund is high on the agenda at this year’s global summit, which urges wealthier nations to help poorer countries who are suffering the brunt of climate change.

Environment Correspondent with the Irish Independent, Caroline O’Doherty, says the Taoiseach will highlight inequality suffered by developing countries.

“Speaking to him yesterday, he does want to certainly raise the issue of the disparity between the poor countries who didn’t use fossil fuels, are underdeveloped, and are taking the worst effects of climate change and the rich countries did use fossil fuels, who are heavy carbon emitters and who don’t want to pay for the damage caused to those who are suffering.

“That’s the loss and damage clause if you like. It’s now on the agenda of this COP27 Summit.”

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