Taoiseach to make statement on travel and aviation crisis

The Taoiseach says he’ll make a ‘comprehensive statement’ next week about addressing the travel and aviation crisis.

He says it’s vital to ‘reboot’ the sector and he’ll engage with the airlines.

Micheál Martin says he’ll also outline next week how more restrictions will ease in June and July, allowing more sports and entertainment.

It comes as 101 Covid patients are in hospital, with 38 in intensive care.

Over 200 were in ICU in January, but Dr Alan Gaffney, from the Intensive Care Society, says the decline has slowed down.

“We’re seeing between 30 and 40 patients at any time with covid over the last four weeks or so, so it looks like we haven’t had an increase or decrease in the last four weeks.

“While there is still covid in the community, and we’re not all fully vaccinated yet, we’ll still see a proportion of patients that still need to come into hospital, and then obviously a smaller proportion of those that get sick enough that need to come into intensive care.”

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