Taoiseach urges people to double down to prevent Covid spread

The Taoiseach is urging everyone to double down on their efforts to prevent the spread of Covid 19.

The Government will announce what restrictions can be eased further this Friday, at a press conference this afternoon.

That press conference which will be addressed by the Taoiseacih, Tanaiste and Green Party Leader is expected to get underway at Government buildings around midday

It’s expected social distancing, mask wearing and the use of digital Covid certs could be extended until after winter.

Taoiseach Micheal Martin says people need to remember the basics.

“The fundamental point, and the fundamental advice from NPHET is this: that all of us have to double down again in terms of the basics in respect of holding off the virus.

“Personal behaviour, the wearing of masks, the proper enforcement of Covid certificates in all hospitality settings, and just generally watching out for each other.”

The Government’s confirmed NPHET has advised nightclubs can reopen but with restrictions in place like covid certs.

Eamon Ryan says the message is to press ahead, but carefully.

“I think the advice from the CMO is we could, rather than pressing pause – what would change in the next three weeks.

“So it’s best to proceed with caution, including in night clubs, including making sure everyone is vaccinated and we still keep our distance as best we can – that’s going to be difficult in a nightclub obviously.”


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