Teenage Witness In Josh Dunne Murder Trial Gives Evidence Of Giving 16 Year Old Mouth-To-Mouth After Stabbing During Fight In Dublin Last Year

A teenage witness in the Josh Dunne murder trial has given evidence of giving the 16-year-old mouth-to-mouth after he was stabbed during a fight in Dublin last year.

George Gonzaga Bento, a food delivery man who was living in Dublin 3 at the time, denies murdering the Ballymun teenager.

“Josh Dunne was stabbed twice in the chest and the jury was told today that one of them resulted in significant blood loss and this was the cause of his death.

A 17 year old boy who was there the night he was stabbed said he and the group he was with saw a man on a moped who appeared to be trying to steal a bike from two Deliveroo guys. He said he didn’t get involved but some of the others did.

He said he thought they were going over to stop it but then a fight broke out. He said he didn’t see Josh Dunne getting stabbed but he rushed over to give him mouth-to-mouth when he saw him stumble and fall to the ground.

Under cross-examination, it was put to him that in his statement to Gardaí that night, he tried to help his friends by making out the delivery guys had done something to provoke the situation. He accepted that didn’t happen and that he saw Josh running over to the Deliveroo man and ‘throwing punches.’

George Gonzaga Bento denies all charges.”

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