Temperatures could reach 27 degrees in parts of the country

Some parts of the country could see temperatures hit as high as 27 degrees today.

Counties in the midlands are expected to feel the heat, with coastal areas such as Cork reaching highs of 24 degrees.

While high temperatures may continue into tomorrow, it’ll be cloudier than previous days.

Cathal Nolan from Ireland’s Weather Channel, says today’s temperatures are well above what we are used to at this time of year.

“We certainly can expect to see very high temperatures today,  right across the country.

“Typically at this time of year we’d expect to see temperatures of around 17-18 degrees, but today we can expect to see temperatures getting up to 27 degrees.

“It’s going to be midlands areas that will see the highest temperatures, closer to the coast the temperatures will cool off – around 23 or 24 degrees.”


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