Temperatures to fall as heatwave ends

Record breaking temperatures are set to slip back in the coming days as the heatwave that has gripped the country comes to an end.

The eastern half of the country will continue to bask in sunshine for a little longer with highs of 27 or 28 degrees.

The rest of the country will become cooler and fresher with highs of 16 to 22 degrees.

The second highest temperature on record was recorded in Dublin’s Phoenix Park yesterday hitting 33.1 degrees.

Cathal Nolan of Irelands Weather Channel says there will be a gradual breakdown of the warm settled weather.

“Looking at the latest weather models at the moment, we do expect to see a breakdown as we go on throughout the course of the day.

“The eastern half of the country is likely to see the highest of the temperatures at 24-25 degrees, maybe even 26 in one or two spots around Dublin.

“The western half of the country will be significantly cooler than over the last couple of days, with temperatures around 19-22 degrees.”

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