Tenants at Chorister’s House in the city are due to be evicted one month before Christmas

The tenants were served eviction notices at the end of May as renovation works need to be carried out as the landlord intends to sell the building

The building on Dean Street is a listed building so the tenants are appealing to the City Council to use the tenant in situ scheme to buy the building and rehouse the residents

Speaking on the Neil Prendeville Show tenant Kate Roche says she is struggling to secure alternative accommodation

“You’re always gonna be looking and you’re hearing of people who are putting up rooms, the difference is that prices out there at the moment nobody can actually afford them. So half the people that I know can’t afford the accommodation or can only afford the accommodation they are already in. And the other side of it is, that even if you did get a viewing or for an apartment or a house, you also could be there with lots of other people and it turns into like a bidding war”


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