Tenants in a housing estate on the north side of the city say they feel abandoned by the City Council

Glentrasna Estate in the Glen was built 13 years ago and consists of over 100 houses, the majority of which are social homes

Tenants says their homes are prone to leaking roofs, damp, and mould and there is a rat infestation in the estate

They held a rally yesterday evening to highlight their poor living conditions

Speaking to RedFM News local resident Christa Daly says they’re frustrated by the lack of action by the City Council

“I’m not getting answers. I’m not getting a response at all. And that’s kind of why all of this has started because none of the other residents are either. And out of everyone that I’ve spoken to about a handful of them actually have had people come out and call, and they might do something to do a temporary fix, but it doesn’t fix it. And the problem gets worse”


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