The Birdman of Daunt Square will not be fined for feeding pigeons

Frank Flaherty has been feeding the birds in the city centre for around 4 years but was recently told he would have to stop, following complaints the birds were leaving droppings and feathers on the street.

In a statement the City Council says Frank was asked if he would consider feeding the birds in nearby Bishop Lucey Park due to complaints by nearby businesses and also confirmed that Frank will not be issued with a fine.

Speaking on the Neil Prendeville Show on Cork’s RedFM, Frank says he intends to continue feeding the birds:

“What’s happening in society? I’m feeding birds, wildlife, what’s wrong? If there’s a bit of poo, so what?  The corporation blokes come along; they’re great guys as I said, and they’ll clean the place and wash the place, they never complained to me. I’d like to carry on, you know. Nothing gets me down,  there’s disappoints in life and we all get disappointments in life.”


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