The cost of renting a property in Ireland is out of control with some county’s experiencing increases of more than 15 per cent, according to Sinn Fein

The party says rent controls introduced by the government are not working and are only adding to the escalating cost of living.

The average monthly rent in Cork county is now €1,217 euro, which is up 104% from its lowest point, while rents in the City are now at €1,529 a month up 6.3% from the end of 2020.

Sinn Fein’s housing spokesperson Eoin O’Brion says renters must be protected and measures should be introduced in order to stop landlords leaving the market:

“The reality is, it is far too expensive to rent, it is now more expensive to rent than it was at the height of the Celtic Tiger and with respect to landlords leaving the market, they have been leaving in their droves, we’ve lost over 20,000 rental properties. We want a situation where there is stability and security, both for landlords but crucially for tenants and you cannot keep heaping additional burdens on renters.”


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