The Dail will hear calls today for the introduction of a mini budget to address the rising cost of living

The Rural Independent Group, which’s bringing the motion, says the issue’s now a national emergency that requires comprehensive action.

Among the measures being demanded are a 20 euro increase to social welfare payments, a 50 percent reduction in fuel taxes and a 75 million euro package to help struggling farmers.

Member of the group, Danny Healy-Rae, says people in rural Ireland are being hit harder than those in urban areas:

“You can’t go anywhere in Kerry, in the rural places without a car. You can’t go to work, you have to take the children to school to the doctor or whatever it is, and then the farmers are under tremendous pressure. Likewise the agri-diesel has gone up to thirty seven or thirty eight cent up to a euro now, as well as the cost of fertiliser which has tripled in many instances.”


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