The death of a child under the age of five in Ireland is linked to the Strep A infection

It’s the second child to die from the infection on the island.

The Irish National Teachers’ Organisation says the Department of Education has issued advice to schools on how to prevent and deal with outbreaks of the bug.

There are considerations towards a course of preventative antibiotics to deal with high case numbers in schools.

Dr. Denis McCauley from the Irish Medical Organisation has advice for parents on what to look out for:

“If the child is under three months and has a very high temperature over 38, isn’t feeding, their nappies are dry or they just don’t look well, you just go to your GP or the out of hours service, or go to the emergency department. So I think it’s more when the child is sick- the vast majority of your listeners, their children now have respiratory illnesses, they have a temperature, they have a runny nose, they may have a sore throat- but they’re fine.”


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