The final day of the ASTI teachers conference in the city is underway

Topics up for debate across the morning amongst the 500 delegates include inspections, supervision and substitution and the formation of an ASTI Global Solidarity Committee

Over the last two days the ASTI conference has heard how problems with the recruitment and retention of teachers could have a serious knock-on impact on the teaching of some core subjects.

Concerns about low pay were also discussed with some delegates speaking about how the rising cost of living is affecting them…

The conference heard how some city schools are finding it hard to recruit staff due to the price of rent, while some teachers are leaving the profession to work elsewhere.

Anne Loughnane is a teacher and ASTI representative for West Cork and the city…

She outlined to RedFM News how the recruitment crisis is leading to problems for some schools:

There are many, many vacancies – teaching vacancies – in the country where there has been no applicant for those jobs and that’s very worrying. In particular three subjects are very heavily affected Irish, Maths and Home Economics. It’s almost impossible to get substitutes or teachers into those subjects. Now in the case of Irish and Maths, those are mandatory subjects and if there are no teachers to teach them well it’s becoming a crisis and it is a crisis at the moment and will get worse going forward, unless the issues that are causing teaching to be less attractive are addressed by the Department and the Minister”


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