The Minister of State With Responsibility For The Office Of Public Works Visited Skibbereen Today

He told locals that the flood defence works had not in any way failed or were to blame for the flooding after Storm Ellen.

Patrick O’Donovan extended his sympathies are with all those people and businesses that suffered damage in West Cork due to the weather and said he was seeing first hand the havoc and destruction that severe weather and intense rainfall can cause to communities.

He said it had been explained to him that the flooding in Bridge Street in Skibbereen was caused by a capacity issue and blockage in a storm drain at the Cutting/Rossa Road and was not in any way connected with a failing in the main OPW flood defences now installed in the town.

The County Council is undertaking works to address the problem with the culvert and once these are fully completed engineers will review and assess the situation to ensure that the completed works will provide and effective solution to the flooding problem.

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